Saturday, May 1st, 2004

Saturday, May 1st, 2004

I purchased a DVD player in china before I came home in february. i finally got it up and going. The TV at home only has a SCARt input and no audio/video nputs but I found a connector. its nice to be able to watch some decent movies now. China is expected to export five million DVD recorders this year and its clar why. i purchased one as theya re made to play pirated, scrated and damaged disks. The brand models like Sony, Panasonic simply cant play them. As wel as that, the players are region free.

Not much happened at the moment. A website asked to use one of my bog pictures. It is of Valentia Island (off Kerry) and be found at the Open democracy site. Nice of them to ask for my permission.

I see Louisiana May Ban Low-Slung Pants. abot feckin time.

I see Warsaw (I was there a few weeks ago) is the cheapest capital city in Europe as Dublin nears top of costs league.

ANYONE looking for a cheaper cost-of-living should consider moving to Warsaw, which will be the cheapest capital in the EU after enlargement. Dubliners now face higher costs than in almost any other capital, including Paris, according to a recent survey carried out on behalf of the German government. According to the German Federal Statistics Office, the cost of living in Ireland is now 15pc higher than in Germany. The only cities more expensive are London and the notoriously high-cost Nordic capitals of Copenhagen, Stockholm and Helsinki. Other major cities, such as Rome and Paris, are cheaper than Dublin. The costs do not seem to accurately reflect a country’s GDP economic wealth either, since Luxembourg, statistically the wealthiest EU country, is also at the bottom of the current list, while Ireland is now in second place, according to this measure. And should people wish to move to Warsaw, Ireland and Britain are set to be the only current EU countries not to face controls on migration being considered by the Polish government after May 1. The Poles are threatening retaliation against the EU countries that plan to prevent its citizens moving for work. Costs drop significantly in the 10 accession states, with all 10 capitals less expensive places to live than the current 15. The costs of living in the European capitals are expressed relative to the cost in Berlin:

London (UK) 128.0

Copenhagen (Denmark) 126.6

Stockholm (Sweden) 117.7

Helsinki (Finland) 116.2

Dublin (Ireland) 115.6

Paris (France) 115.0

Rome (Italy) 109.5

Vienna (Austria) 105.8

The Hague (The Netherlands) 105.3

Brussels (Belgium) 100.9

Athens (Greece) 100.3

Berlin (Germany) 100.0

Lisbon (Portugal) 98.8

Madrid (Spain) 98.6

Luxembourg (Luxembourg) 98.2

The costs of living in the 10 accession countries, again relative to Berlin, are:

Nicosia (Cyprus) 95.3

Ljubljana (Slovenia) 88.2

Budapest (Hungary) 86.5

Bratislava (Slovakia) 83.2

Tallinn (Estonia) 82.1

Valletta (Malta) 80.4

Riga (Latvia) 79.1

Vilnius (Lithuania) 78.3

Prague (Czech Republic) 72.7

Warsaw (Poland) 71.9

On March 31st, Four American civilians were ambushed and shot or beaten to death here Wednesday by insurgents, witnesses and U.S. officials said. Townspeople mutilated the bodies of at least two of the men, dragged them through the streets, suspended them from a bridge and burned them while crowds danced and cheered. …

I am also posting some pictures of a Dropkick Murphys concert I attended (for historical reasons).

Click on the picture to see it in its original size

DKM Concert @ 2001 (01-05-2004)

Click on the picture to see it in its original size

DKM Concert @ 2000 (01-05-2004)

Click on the picture to see it in its original size

DKM Concert @ 2000 (01-05-2004)

i was reading an article that had the following quotation. it reminded me of my recent trip to poland and the many, many i met in the hostel.

“Depending on place people, circumstances I have been clever, stupid, common, sophisticated, taciturn, causeur, taller, shorter, superficial or thorough, I have been bright, dull, important, unimportant, timid, shameless, confident or shy, cynical or noble…. what have I not been? I have been everything.”

These words belong to Witold Gombrowicz, a Polish writer written in 1967. They say something to me about how we interact with people and it rings true for me.