Making the move.

Apologies for the lack of posts on this site / for some time. Nearly three months in fact. I have spend time looking for a job. Found one, then a second… finally taking up a subject close to my heart.

I am a few weeks into a Ph.D entilted.
Connections, Mobilities, and the Culture of the Backpacker

Interesting, yes and it should involve some traveling for research purposes and conferences.

the context of traditional backpacker travel (typically, just before or just after university) this project focuses on the ways in which the cohesiveness of social networks (especially links with home and immediate family) has changed with the advent of ‘instant’ communications (text messages, picture messaging, internet cafes, emails etc.). The aim of this project is to examine how and to whom youngsters communicate their mobility along the backpacker trails thus enabling us to gain greater understanding of the uses people make of new and emerging ICTs.

1. How, precisely, do backpackers use ICTs?
2. How do the mix of non-digital media such as guidebooks and hostel notice boards/ word of mouth, letters and postcards fit into the communication mix?
3. How are subjective notions of ‘here’ and ‘there’ mediated by instant communications with home and social networks?
4. Do instant communications form a notional umbilical cord that limit or alter the experience of backpacking?
5. Are there gender differences in the cultures of communication amongst backpackers?
6. How does instant communication compare to pre-instant communication (including diaries, postcards and letters) used by the baby-boomer backpackers who travelled in the 1960s-70s?
7. Do the comparisons between ‘now’ and ‘then’ throw any light on relationships with host societies?

Where, am i carrying it out ….. England. Its taking some getting used to. Are they not like us at all 🙂 Anyway my new address (email is michael (at)

Its all true

Taken on the 10th of February 2005

Stuff the euro. You get a lot of anti-European and anti-Euro sentiment here. It should be interesting to see the EU constitution campaign next year for the UK/EU constutution referendum.

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I will continue to post here if I travel around England or undertake any foreign trips. I hope to do so quite soon. i will also be adding a few new sections to this site. By the way for those who have not been to this new site, I have updated over December. its now CSS based and has a expanded picture gallery and trip highlights, so if you get this by email and havent been around for a while, please pay the site another visit.

By the way I created a new GAA jokes website Check it out if you intom that type of thing. It has some good “County by County” jokes and quotes.

I may also start a “irishman living in britain” website soon.

NEWSFLASH: I have three GMAIL Accounts to give away. If you dont know what they are, dont worry about it. Your not missing much. If you do know and really think you want one, click on the “Contact me” section and tell me!! posted 15/02/2005.