Saturday, April 10th, 2004

Saturday, April 10th, 2004

I was up around 7.00am and headed down to the airport supermarket for some “Bratwurst” and some chicken wings. I then took and S-Bahn into town to revisit some tourist sites for this blog. I took the S-Bahn to Hauptwache, which is only four long stops away from the airport. As mentioned I know Frankfurt very well and I know my way about. I first made my way to Romer, which at this time in the morning was deserted.

Ostzeile vom Romer / Romerberg

After Frankfurt’s old town was destroyed during the Second World War, heated discussions took place as to how the area between the Dom and R?mer should be rebuilt. Romerberg, Frankfurt’s old central square surrounded by steeply gabled 14th and 15th century buildings Actually, since eighty percent of the old city was wiped off the map by two Allied bombing raids during World War II, what stands today are largely recreations, but they provide a glimpse of the beautiful city that this once was. For centuries this medieval square was the hub of city government. It looks a bit fake, and it is fake. The R?merberg was leveled during WWII, and then partly reconstructed. The R?mer, city hall, occupies the west side of the square. On the east side is a row of restored half-timber houses called the Ostzeile, originally built in the 15th and 16th centuries. The Fountain of Justice stands in the square’s centre. The R?merberg is the site of several public festivals and there is a tourist office located in the northwestern corner.

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Romer – Frankfurt – Germany (10-04-2004)

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Romer – Frankfurt – Germany (10-04-2004)

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Romer – Frankfurt – Germany (10-04-2004)


Originally built as a parish church in 1235, an edict of 1356 decreed that all German emperors be elected here, thus conferring cathedral status upon the church. The cathedral was rebuilt several times over the years: after a devastating fire in 1867 and after World War II. The only parts of the original interior which survived are the frieze of St. Bartholemew, the choir stalls and the Maria-Schlaf altar. The tower contains a masterpiece of the early Renaissance period – a sculpture by Hans Backoffen portraying a scene from the crucifixion. Destroyed by Allied bombs in 1944, it was rebuilt in 1953. One of its chief treasures is its choir stalls, which represent brilliant Upper Rhine craftsmanship, dating from around the mid-14th century. In the north chancel look for Maria Schlaf, the Altar of Mary Sleeping, dating from 1434. It is the only alter remaining from the church’s original interior.

I also walked to Sachsenhausen, which the cobbled stoned and sleep (on Saturday mornings anyway) entertainment and pub district, which has at least three Irish pubs. I also know from experience that the flea market takes place only 5 minutes away from Romer on the riverbank on Saturday mornings. Street markets in Frankfurt can be found on almost any given day in different locations around town. They are predominantly filled with fresh foods and flowers, and very few retail items. However, Saturday mornings turn the Mainufer into a large flea market with a huge selection of used items. Tons of clothes, books (with a reasonable selection in English), bicycles, and other bits and baubles are for sale. Frankfurt is a rich city but has a poor emigrant underlass which are mainly Eastern European (Serbian) and Turkish. To see the dozens of stalls with clothes been sold for 1 Euro and the vast crowds going through them shows that the most business orientated and capalitistic city in Europe has an underclass. Makes you think.

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People buying second hand clothes at a flea market – – Frankfurt – Germany (10-04-2004)

I then walked to “ZEIL STRASSE” which is the busiest street (in terms odf expenditure) in Europe. Frankfurts’s shopping is concentrated along the pedestrian street Zeil, with equally exciting stores along the cross streets Schillerstr. and Goethestr. Grosse Bockenheimerstrasse, a.k.a. Fressgasse (Feast Street), is an endless choice of gourmet food shops and restaurants. The main shopping area is the Fussg?ngerzone (pedestrian street) of the Zeil, beginning at Hauptwache and stretching all the way to Konstablerwache, with the city?s main department stores (Kaufhof and Karstadt) book-ending each end. There are ample small shops and boutiques with clothes, shoes, leather goods, and plenty of fast-food joints and bakeries.

I purchased a shirt in Woolworth’s on Zeil and checked out some second hand stores.

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Frankfurt (view from across the river) – Frankfurt – Germany (10-04-2004)

It was now 3.00pm and I wanted to catch the 4.15pm bus to the airport (hahn) from the main railway station. I took the S-bahn back and took the 12 euro trip (one hour an thirty minutes) to Frankfurt Hahn.

They were already checking in the Shannon flight. I had a beer at the airport (my first German beer, which I like so so much). It was a Hefe Weissenbeer, which I think is one of the finest beers in the world. Anyway I took the 19:25 flight and arrived in Shannon at 20:25. the flight was expensive at 64.47 Euro. Writing this today, you can catch a Shannon to Brussels flight for 7 Euro including taxes.

Sister drove me home .. back again. Nice break.

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BTW, I havent even looked for a job yet. Must start looking 🙂

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