Tuesday, October 28th, 2003 – Day 252

Tuesday, October 28th, 2003 – Day 252

I got up at 9.00am but I love film and its ahrd to leave the telly as they show all the latest pirated movies. i watched parts of My Big Fat Greek Wedding. Totally crap story, plot and acting but Nia Vardalos saves the day. The boyfriend Ian (John Corbett) is so crap.

I stopped by theCentral Market

This Art Deco behemoth, built in 1937, is a city landmark and, on any given day, a veritable ant hill of activity. The building is a towering rotunda with busy wings extending in four directions. The eastern entrance is the best spot to find T-shirts, hats, and all manner of trinkets and souvenirs, as well as photocopy bootlegs of popular novels and books on Cambodia. Goldsmiths and watch repair and sales counters predominate in the main rotunda, and you can find some good deals. Spend some time wandering the nooks and crannies, though, and you’re sure to come across something that strikes your fancy, whether that’s a chaotic hardware shop, a cobbler hard at work with an awl, or just the cacophony and carnival-barker shouts of salesman and haggling shoppers. Be sure to bargain for any purchase.

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Central Market (28-10-2003)

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Central Market (28-10-2003)

I then took a moto taxi to the Russian Market between streets 440 and 450 in the far south of town.

It is where the real deal on souvenirs can be had. They’ll see you comin’ a mile away, and it requires some hard haggling to get the good deals on neat items like ancient-looking opium paraphernalia, carvings, and ceramic. It’s all authentic-looking, even if made in China.

The Russian Market in the south end of town is comparable and equally worth a visit (it’s a good stop on the return trip from The Killing Fields).

I purchased a belt (2 USD), a pair of sunglasses (1 USD) and a photcopy of the Lonely Planet Guide to Cambodia (2 USD). Thats the funny thing. I break the law everyday with pirated branded goods. Ah well.

I went back into town and ran across my old moto driver friend Mr. Lin. I used hime a few years ago during a visit. A driver (there are million of motor bike taxi drivers here) will earn an average of 1,000 Riel (.25 Euro) a trip. I paid Mr. Lin 5 USD to be my driver from 9-5. He took me down to the shops, attractions, pubs and waited outside. On average a deiver may get a few drives per day. Talking to people at the markets, they say Cambodia is going doenhill again. They say visitors/tourists have decreased dramatically since last year. They blame people worrying over the elections (still not sorted out) and political violence. All the shop keepers and drivers are saying the same thing. I would have expected more people to visit, but it seems not. Anyway, Mr. Lin who drove me once last year spotted me out of a crowd. We chatted for a while. Its a nice old guy with a big family to support.

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Wat Koh – Its one of PP’s oldest Pagodas (28-10-2003)

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The night is coming. Main Street PP (28-10-2003)

I went for a bite to eat. More frogs (which came full bodies this time) so it was hard to take them apart. I feel bad when i cant use chop sticks properly or I do not know the exact procesures to eat. They give you bowls, spoons etc. Even so, I read recently that chopsticks can be harmful

Eating with chopsticks everyday increases the risk of developing the painful condition osteoarthritis, scientists say.

I saw a CNN article on blogs today. Its about a Hong Kong placed blog called www.bigwhiteguy.com. Two million people have visited his site which is siimply about his life as an expat in Hong Kong.

There are over 4 million blogs on the net, more than half run by teenagers. Research group Perseus says the typical blog is written by a teenage girl who updates it about twice a month.

There are predictions the net will be littered with 5 million blogs by the end of the year.

But unlike www.bigwhiteguy.com most of them will be little seen, if not abandoned. At least two thirds of the blogs out there today have not been updated in months.

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Cartoon from the Guardian newspaper (28-10-2003)

I will stay around until the 31st as some festivals are approaching.

  • 30th Oct – 1st Nov His Majesty King Sihanouk’s Birthday

  • 9th Nov Independence Day (Weekend holiday, officially celebrated on Monday, Nov 11th.)

  • 7th-9th Nov Water Festival / Boat Races