Monday, October 20th, 2003 – Day 244 to Tuesday, October 21st, 2003 – Day 245

Monday, October 20th, 2003 – Day 244

Happy Birthday to me. Yes, its true. I am 31 today. I woke up with a bad stomach ache which led to a 2 quick visits to the toilet. Not a good start. The owner of the guest’s wanted to give me Chinese herbal medicine. I declined and said if things did not improve, I would take it. Went back to bed until noon. I felt better. I sent a parcel home from the post office (air mail). I am tired of sending stuff home on surface which may take 2-3 months.

I walked to the main bus station and bought a ticket to Singapore for 13.75 R for tomorrow morning at 11.00am. It should take about 4.5 hours to get there. My flight to Bangkok is on the 22nd.

I have always thought to myself about snoring. its a bane to me as I can not abide snorers. I have also found since I have started traveling that asians are the main culprits. Not a racial slur so i looked it up in google today. it seems its true. Apparently the facial structure of Asians is such that snoring and sleep apnea problems are magnified.

In other news, Koreans have surgery to speak better English. Chop a centimetre or so off your tongue and become a fluent English speaker.

Those who have a short frenulum (a strap of tissue linking the tongue to the floor of the mouth) can face problems pronouncing some characters due to a disturbance in lateral movements of the tongue,” said Bae Jung-ho, an oral surgeon at Seoul’s Yonsei Severance Hospital, who operated on a six-year-old last month.

I did nothing today. It was my birthday after all. i walked around the city. purchased a few games, a few DVD’s, a little bit of software. This is a big city although all the sites are in the city centre. They have lots of museums but I did not visit any. They include:

  • Stadthuys – The Museums of History & Ethnography and the Museum of Literature

  • The Cultural Museum (Muzium Budaya)

  • The Maritime Museum and the Royal Malaysian Navy Museum

  • The People’s Museum, the Museum of Beauty, the Kite Museum, and the Governor of Melaka’s Gallery

  • The Youth Museums and Art Gallery

I see the melting of glaciers in the Patagonian ice fields of southern Argentina and Chile has doubled in recent years, caused by higher temperatures, lower snowfall and a more rapid breaking of icebergs. They include the Moreno glacier which i visited.

My site has been mention at which has resulted in a greater number of hits in the past two days. It has also been mentioned in Alexa – which is part of Amazon. You can add reviews of my site etc and see what people who visit my site buy and view on Amazon and what other sites they visit.

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Melaka – Chinatown (20-10-2003)

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Melaka – Roof of Penang’s Mosque (20-10-2003)

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Melaka – The town’s Oldest Chinese Temple (20-10-2003)

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Melaka – Guinness. Extra Foreign at 8% (20-10-2003)

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Melaka – Ska City. I wish there was such aservice. I would be barding it so fast … I like Ska Punk from NOFZ, Voodo Glow Skulls to Bosstones (20-10-2003)

Tuesday, October 21st, 2003 – Day 245

i was up at 9.00am to pack and get ready. I was walking to the bus station by 9.30am. It took about 35 minutes. I had spent all my local currency so nothing left to hire a taxi with. My bus was at 11.00am so I had enough to buy an Malaysian newspaper (english Edition) and wait. It was a 4.5 hour bus journey with the Malacca-Singapore Express.The price was 13.75 R. It was a nice clean bus with air-con. It was uneventful and I read the paper. There were no hassles ateither Malaysian or Singapore immigrations. Singapore customs are meant to be tough and search many bags but I saw no evidence of that.

I arrived in Lavender Street (same place where Igot a bus to KL) so I knew where I was and whereI was going. I had my Metro card (with 2.10HGD) left on it. I took the metro back to Hostel MacKenzie and booked in for22 HGD including breakfast. I got a nicer room than last time. I headed down to the hawker foodcourt in Little India fo rNasi goreng (2.50 HGD) and some ice tea. I went on the NET for an hour and researched accommodation in Bangkok.

The Indian Deepavali festival is still going strong and the most impotant days of that festivala re coming up. School kids in Malaysia and Singapore get their holidays to coincide.

Malaysian PM Mahathir is in trouble again regarding his speech about Jews. He has repeated the comments. Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad renewed his attack on “arrogant” Jews on Tuesday, saying in a newspaper interview that the world’s reaction to his controversial recent comments confirms that “they do control the world”.

The guy who invented the game Scruples agress with him and says there is a world conspiracy. He belives a group called the Illuminati rule the world. Some papers agree.

I spent my last few Singapore Dollars on a beer.