Saturday, September 27th, 2003 – Day 221

Saturday, September 27th, 2003 – Day 221

Same old story. Alarm at 8.00am but got up after nine. I walked down to the main attraction is town: Kraton. It was 75000 IR in and a 500 IR camera fee. I was not that impressed. Most of the interior had museum decicated to ther current Sultan’s father. It had his scouts badges, badges collected from conferences and university diplomas. Nothing much of interest for me. Lots of guards in traditioanl costomes carrying tyraditional daggers abounded. The daggers are called KRIS. I did enjoy a performace in the ciurtyard exhibiting the art of WAYANG KULIT.

Wayang is a Javanese word meaning “shadow” or “ghost” and is a theatrical performance of living actors (wayang orang), three dimensional puppets (wayang golek) or shadow images projected before a backlit screen (wayang kulit). Wayang Kulit is probably the most famous and imaginative form of Indonesian Wayang. Finely carved and painted thin leather puppets move behind a white linnen screen, such that the audience on the other side of the screen sees the shadows only.

The wayang kulit use two-dimensional puppets chiseled by hand of buffalo or goat parchment; like paper dolls, but with arms that swivel.

A wayang kulit puppet is a stylized exaggeration of a human shape.

Of the many different style of wayang kulit, by far the most popular is the form practiced in Central and East Java, the most populated island of Indonesia.

It was really nice watching them and there was full Gamelon Orchestra in the back playing away. They use about 50 puppets with 3 men on the left and three men of the right giving the master puppetier the right ones. A man told the story on loudspeaker.

I headed off to the Sono Budoyo Museum neaby. It was 750 IR in. More information can be found here.

The Sono Budoyo museum was set up at the initiative of Indonesian and Dutch intellectuals in the Java Institute, a cultural foundation established in 1919. The foundation acted on the authority of the Dutch East Indies colonial government to preserve and develop indigenous cultures. In 1924 the foundation, concentrating on the cultures of Java, Madura, Bali and Lombok, held a congress in Yogyakarta which decided to establish a museum in Yogyakarta. It took 10 years before a small pendopo was established on a plot of land donated by Sultan Hamengku Buwono VIII. The inauguration took place one year later in 1935 on the Sultan’s birthday.

The collection of the museum grew gradually. Objects came from other people’s discoveries, personal collections on loan, or bequests, including from the sultan. The museum also received ancient objects from the Office for the Preservation of Historical and Archeological Relics.

I enjoyed the museum. It gets no tourists but has interesting Kris daggers, Bali history, how Islam spread into Java and WAYANG KULIT puppets.

I stayed there about an hour.

Nest I headed to Museum Kerata Kraton. This is a small museum holding some opulent chariots (horse carriages) of the sultan’s. Yep. some were very fancy. it was 2000 IR in and a 1000 IR camera fee. I only stayed 15 minutes.

It was only noon and I had finished my planned sightseeing. i decided to walk around the many markets the town has. They are great but can annoy if you are looking for something. i was looking for tape, some bags and brown paer fpr apcking. The markets are so big and disparate that you have liitle chance finding what you are looking for unless if hire a local.

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Yogyakarta – Java – Indonesia – WAYANG KULIT Live Puppet Show at the Kraton (27-09-2003)

Click on the picture to see it in its original size

Yogyakarta – Java – Indonesia – Gamelon Orchestra for the WAYANG KULIT Live Puppet Show at the Kraton (27-09-2003)

Click on the picture to see it in its original size

Yogyakarta – Java – Indonesia – Waying Puppet Show at the Sono Budoyo museum (27-09-2003)

I must buy the Japanese cartoon film Spirited Away, now showing in UK cinemas, staring a little girl wrestling with monsters after her parents are turned into pigs.

I walked the various amrkets for a while. Impossible to look for anything specific. I bought some tap and brown paper for shipping home some warm clothes to Ireland from Singaapore. I will not need them again until china. Nothing of interest to report for the rest of the evening.

I did find a nice restaurant that had a type of Sate that i had yet to taste called SATE DAGING. It was georgeous.