Tuesday, July 29th 2003 – Day 161

Tuesday, July 29th 2003 – Day 161

I got up at 9.00am and had a shower. Its hard to leave the bed. The weather here is great during the day (21 oc during the day today) but comes close to ZERO around 9.00pm. It is also very cold during the morning. I am glad I picked a nice hotel for my last three nights in South America. I took breakfast in the same place as yesterday.

I decided to go to Parque Metropolitano . Its where the green space is in the city and whee the highest point overlooking the city is. The extensive views that come with an ascent to the top of Cerro San Crist?bal in the Park can be ruined if it is a particularly smoggy day. Its here here at the moment so every day is smoggy. Even so, the park offered a breathtaking panorama of sprawling Santiago and its city limits that stop just short of the craggy Andes.

“The Parque Metropolitano is a 730-hectare (1,803-acre) park and recreation area with swimming pools, walking trails, a botanical garden, a zoo, picnic grounds, restaurants, and children’s play areas. It’s the lungs of Santiago, and city dwellers use the hill’s roads and trails for jogging, biking, or just taking a stroll. The park is divided into two sectors, Cumbre and Tupahue, both of which are accessed by car, cable car, funicular, or foot”.

I took the metro close to Calle Pino Nono and it took 15 minutes walk to Plaza Caupolic?n, where you’ll encounter a 1925 funicular that lifts visitors up to a lookout point. The ticket cost 1200 Cp. Along the way, the funicular stops at the City Zoo. The cable car continues to the lookout point which is watched over by a 22m (72-ft.) high statue of the Virgen de la Inmaculada Concepcion, which can be seen from all over the city. I spent about 30 minutes up here.

Below the statue is the teleferico (cable car) that connects the two sections of the park. Tickets The two part ticket cost 1,000 CP. The gondola offers great views while suspended high above the park before arriving at Tupahue, which is the Mapuche name for this hill, meaning “place of God.” Here you’ll find the Piscina Tupahue, an attractive, rock-lined swimming pool (no phone). I spent 30 minutes here.

From Tupahue you can either head back on the gondola to Cumbre and the funicular, or take the Valdivia teleferico down, which will drop you off at the end of Avenida Pedro de Valdivia. From the bottom I walked back into town which took 35 minutes.

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Santiago – Chile – Parque Metropolitano / No smog (29-07-2003)

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Santiago – Chile – Parque Metropolitano / A little smog (29-07-2003)

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Santiago – Chile – Parque Metropolitano / It got very smoggy around 11.30 (29-07-2003)

Did not too much after 3.00pm. I decided to collect my laundry. The cost was 2500 CP (3.19 Euro) for a large bag. I was glad I got in done before New Zealand. I went back to the hotel with the bag and had lunch. I had moe completos.

Anyway I have not been able to download my camera photos to disk for nearly two weeks. I have had to delete recent photos (ones that did not meet the grade) to make room for new photoes for the past few days. I must have checked 50 places in “La Paz” for a NET cafe that had both XP and a CD-R. It was a frustratinga nd fruitless search. I found a place today near Calle Lourdes that had both. i spent 2 hours ont he NET and copied my pictures to disk for 1600 CP (2 Euro), which is a bargain. An hour on the Internet here costs between 400 CP (.57 Euro) and 700 CP (.90 Euro).

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Santiago – Chile – Digital Santiago (29-07-2003)

Spent a little time at the shopping arcades around central station and had a nice dinner next store to the one I had eaten in for the last two nights. Well, I am off to New Zealand tomorrow night, Yeah!!

Watched Oz on TV. I also watched Richard E. Grant in – A Merry War. The story, which is semi-autobiographical of Eric Arthur Blair (known as George Orwell), follows the hero Gordon Comstock, who suddenly leaves the office “New Albion” an ad agency in order to be a poet and a free man.