Saturday, July 19th, 2003 – Day 151 to Sunday, July 20th, 2003 – Day 152

Saturday, July 19th, 2003 – Day 151

I was planning to go to Coroico which makes a popular side trip for visitors to La Paz. The road to Coroico narrows to one unpaved lane twisting down through the mountains. To one side is the mountain; to the other, a sheer drop of often hundreds of feet to the lush valley below.

Anyway, I did not – maybe tomorrow and I only got out of bed at 11.00am. It was COLD. To tell you the truth, I did nothing of interest to day. Spent a time of the NET as I have reached my 75 Mb limit of my server. Therefore. less pictures from now on. I cant afford to buy another 50 MB. I want to reduce waste and previous pictures to allow space. I might as well to this here because NET use is so cheap (3 B – .35 Euro and an hour). I expect it to a lot dearer in NZ and Australia.

Went to see the Iglesia de San Francisco

“The intricately stone-carved facade of the San Francisco church is one the finest examples of baroque-mestizo architecture in the Americas. Look closely and you’ll see a wealth of indigenous symbols–from masked figures to snakes, dragons, and tropical birds. The cornerstone for the original San Francisco church was placed in this spot in 1548, 1 year before the founding of La Paz. The church standing here today is not the original; it was completed in 1784. Once inside, the baroque influence seems to disappear. The small cedar altars with gold-leaf designs are much more typical of the neoclassical era”.

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La Paz – Bolivia – Iglesia de San Francisco (19-07-2003)

I went to see Terminator Three – T3 · in the cinema. It was a full house (22 b – 2.60 Euro) and its a modern one complete with guys with bell boy uniforms showing you to your seat. You can actually pick what seat you want and reserve it. A review of the film here. While not as good as T1 or T2, the storyline was good. I dislike Claire Daines though (althought I liked “My so called life“) – shows how old I am.. It was a good show though.

Sunday, July 20th, 2003 – Day 152

I was up at 9.00am. One more day and my VISA will arrive. I hate waiting. I want to move on. Only nine days left in South America. Thinking of skipping Argentna and heading to Northern Chile. Today was Civic Pride day and all the schools marched in the parade.

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La Paz – Bolivia – The (big) kids are alright with a police man with a gun big enought to bring down an elephant (20-07-2003)

They all had their own dance routines and uniforms. Watached it for an hour or two, but it was pretty boring stuff. I could see thought they put alot of effort and pride into their displays and were having alot of fun. Watched T3 · again on a big screen in a chicken restaurant. They all show the latest movies on VCD and are on sale for 15 B (2 Euro) all over town.

The marches by the school kids lasted all day (until 7.00pm) when it was dark. Every school and college in the district must have had pupils marching.

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La Paz – Bolivia – The kids are alright (20-07-2003)

Went back to the hostel for the “danger shower” which is every shower in South America. The showers are like electric kettles here. You go in and turn on the tap (cold water only). You then push up this massive switch (like you would see in Franensteins labatory) and sparks fly. Hot water, you can not touch anything. I touched the outlet in Cusco and was blown out of the top (tearing down the shower curtain). here I touched the tap and got a nasty shock.

To get out you need to step out of the shower, dry yourself, turn off the electric power switch (hoping for the best) and then turn off the water tap. What a procedure.

In the evening, I went for a few drinks in a local pub and went to bed.