Saturday, May 31, 2003 – Day 102

Saturday, May 31, 2003 – Day 102

Map of Perú

map of peru As you can see from the map, I am in Pucallpa (middle right). You can double click this section of the map for greater detail. I will be flying to Iquitos (top right) tomorrow at 14.00 hours. This will allow me to explore the Amazon and the unique Amazon city of Iquitos which has no road links with the outside world.

Nothing done today (i.e. no lake) as there was a constant tropical down pour from 9.00am this morning until 5.00pm this evening. Spend alot of time on the NET updating this website. You might notice a few changes, including a “Donation” button. It is a strange town. Spend last night looking for a bar to have a few beers. I had lads comming the town for me .. but not much luck. There were a few hole in the wall places with cheap beer (2.50 Soles for a pint bottle), but nothing of little substance. I shall try again tonight. I heard that the bars by the lake are good.

Funny place, funny people. The men either take the piss with their mates by asking where I’m from and do the whole greetings to Peru thing or start a conversation. I spoke to a few men about the strikes, wages in Ireland etc. The women are worse. They all stare to the point (of me) blushing. That and the fact they say “Hello” in English and break into hysterical laughter with their mates. They sure don’t get many strangers in these parts. All the tourists in my hostel are Peruvian.

On another note entirely, I saw a quote attributed to Oscar Wilde which I never read before. it interested me because he speaks about Absinthe which I have two bottles at home (from Prague).

“After the first glass you see things as you wish they were,” absinthe lover Wilde wrote. “After the second, you see things as they are not.”

“Finally you see things as they really are, and that is the most horrible thing in the world,” Wilde concluded.

Anyway, all these motor taxis (see picture). I was a bit bored so I went window shopping. One of these new costs between 2,300 and 3,000 US (11,000 soles). The Honda model is dearest. At 1 sole per fare, you would need to make 11,000 fares.

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Pucallpa – Peru – Moto taxis. (31-05-2003)

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Pucallpa – Peru – Sky over River and Shanty area. (31-05-2003)

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Pucallpa – Peru – Night time entertainment on the main plaza – a Ferris wheel. (31-05-2003)

Well, I had a cold shower at 9.00pm and went out. Alot of activity on the main plaza. On one side singing, preaching Christian Evangelists and on the other fire performers. They go a bit further here – they started lighting each others hair on fire. Goof un and a nice way of making money. instead of just having the hat out they have a guy selling crackers (about .70 of a sole). Good value and good idea. There is a pub opposite the 3 story chicken restaurant on the main plaza. Well, a barn with a couple of tables and chairs with a fridge for beer. Very basic with beers called “San Juan” – with a big label proclaiming “Made in the Amazon”. It tasted that way too .. like the home brew I used to make during college. At least there beer posters/calendars were cool .. Amazonian women draped all over them.

I had two there and asked a moto driver to take me a place with a bit of life. Five minutes later we were at another quiet bar with outdoor tables. Ah well, I had a beer, and a after a while a chap came over. Says hes name was “O Connor” and would I like to join them. Two brothers and three other gents who were their superiors in the company where they worked. yes, as it turned out, these two Peruvian boys were called “O Connor”. One was called Donal O Connor 🙂 Seemed that their grandfather came over from Ireland in the 40s. Anyway had a few drinks with them but they were all over me .. new best friend,.. hugs and back slapping. The bar maid had given me a invitation / pass to a club. Got the lads to go along. Grabbed two motos and it took about 15 minutes to get to “Musmukis”. OK place with outdoor Disco and bar. Bought a pincher litre of beer for 10 Soles. Spent a hour there but wasn’t enjoying the place too much. It was 4.00am at this stage, I took a moto (4 Soles) back to my hostel.