Yep, booked it at 10.30am this morning. Decided not to fly to Bogota (well, I could not), as the flight leaves London at 10.00am and the Dublin flight doesnt get to London until 9.30am. Therefore If I wanted to start in Colombia, I would have had to book the RTW in Sterling from london, and make my own way to london – too much hassle – especailly in getting home – using Ryanair and having excess baggage. Overnight stays in london are bot allowed under the scheme. So, I now fly to Rio in time in Carnival (march 1st to 4th) – not a bad compromise! But need to book accommodation fast! – Hostel. For the record my iternary is: Dublin – Rio de Janeiro (overland to Lima- la Paz – Buenos Aires) – Santiago – Auckland – overland to Christchurch -Melbourne – overland to Sydney – Jakarta  – Singapore  – Bangkok – Hong Kong – Overland to Beijing –Dublin. So Ive taken advantage of the full 7 stops allowed under the Quantas/BA Discovery Ticket and have booked it at 28,800 miles. Only a total of 29,000 miles are allowable under the scheme, so I have really taken advantage of the scheme to its fullest. Trailfinders staff were impressed at getting so much from what is a limited scheme. You could spend that amount in getting to New Zealand! Bought the package from Trailfinders at €1,562 plus €135 in tax. I will put a budget page on the site to give people an idea of the costs.